Hello. I’m Polly, and I’ve just completed my degree in French and Spanish at New College, Oxford. I started this blog in 2015 as a place to write about what I was doing during the year I spent abroad as part of my degree; when I went back to Oxford for fourth year, blogging sadly fell to the wayside and keen bean abroad sat gathering virtual dust.

However, as of August 2017, this keen bean is abroad once more: I’m spending my first year as a graduate living in Santiago de Chile and working as an English Language Assistant through the British Council. I’m treating it as a cross between year abroad 2.0 and a gap year (but never a gap yah).

I chose to come to Chile for a number of reasons: I felt that my year abroad in Europe prepared me well for going somewhere further afield; I’d been to South America once before (to Peru) and so, whilst not completely unfamiliar with the continent, I was desperate to know more about it; and, even though I studied it at degree level, my spoken Spanish is not, and has never been, what one might call ‘top notch’, and I am a firm believer in cultural immersion as the best method of improving.

As well as learning about languages and cultures, my interests include feminism and gender, vegan and vegetarian food and cooking, mental health, and reading about all of the above and beyond. I also like dogs, coffee, carrot cake, nice stationery, stompy boots and cosy jumpers.

So, watch this space for updates on how the most gringa-ish gringa that ever did live manages to survive in one of South America’s most happenin’ cities.

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